If you own an online business and have grown to the point where you are drowning in the day-to-day details or management, then it’s time to partner with someone who can step in and control the chaos. An OBM manages the projects, operations, team members and metrics to free up your time and allow you to focus on those things only you can do in your business!

Right now, you’re making great money, but not as much as you could be making, and at the cost of your personal life. Why? Because you don’t have the support you need. You’ve got too many projects and team members to manage, and not enough hours in the day. You are so busy taking care of everything else, and as a result, clients and revenues are slipping from your grasp.

Your first instinct is to hold on tighter, stay up later, and work HARDER just to feel like you’re on top of things. But the truth is that you don’t have to. You just need someone who can take over the day-to-day aspects, someone who will help you get back to doing what only you can do for your business – marketing, reaching out to clients, strategic networking and creative development.

Do You:

  • Feel frustrated and overwhelmed at all the moving parts when it comes to marketing, product launches, website maintenance, teleseminars?

  • Constantly struggle just to stay afloat and put out everyday fires (forget about taking your business to the next level and achieving the success you long for)?

  • Have lots of articles you’ve written that are gathering dust in your hard drive instead of being used as a client-generation tool?

  • Waste time trying to learn new skills just to implement something?

  • Feel like your business is flourishing but leaving you barely surviving?

You need help. You need a partner. You need an implementer. You need someone who can understand what you want and then make it happen!

Evelin Turner Consulting provides Online Business Management and Infusionsoft Maintenance and Support services to Coaches, Speakers, Consultants and Entrepreneurs all around the country! I want to help you transition from stressed out and stuck to getting things done – so you can move forward fast. Schedule a free 30-minute assessment to find out if my services are a fit for your needs.